BA Configurator login problem

I have been trying for the last several days to run Business Analytics on a Nav 4.0 SP3 database. I have read several posts about BA, as well as documentation, and I still have problems.
Here is what I am doing:

• I have a Navision 4 SP3 demo database (Cronus), installed on SQL Server 2000 on my local machine.

• I got the latest BA files for SQL 2000 from Partner Source (most of them dated 23/01/2007 or 28/02/2007), and I ran the following files:

• In Navision, I specified the path to the configurator.

• When I click on Start Configurator, it uses Database authentication, and gives the following error:

Error during initialization.
Login failed for user ‘afarrugia’.

• I modified the configurator to use Windows authentication, and got a similar error:

Error during initialization.
Cannot open database “NAV_400_BUS_ANALYTICS” requested by the login. The login failed.

• I also tried the modification suggested here -

But it didn’t help on the SQL 2000 database running on my local machine.

• I also have a separate Nav 4 SP3 database installed on SQL 2005. I managed to run the SQL 2005 configurator successfully; but then I couldn’t log in to Business Analytics (Server not found).

Do you know what I can do to get BA to work?
Any help would be very much appreciated.


I solved the problems thanks to two posts by Kamil Sacek:

The main things are:

  1. hardcode the server name in the StartConfigurator function in BA Database (table 700)

  2. use the configurator for SQL 2005, even if the database is on SQL Server 2000; the latest configurator is substantially different, and seems to have fixed some bugs present in the old version.