Axapta versus Attain

Hello! Have anyone a document where is bringed out both product advantages and disandvantages? If somebody can me help, I would be very happy. [:)] TIA Tripp

Hi Tripp, If you search the forum for Axapta and Attain you will find some other discussions on this topic. Good luck. /Sven

Hi Tripp, As far as i know there is no document present on this,the following are some the points which i noticed,there are some posts availables on this ,please use search on this topic

Features Axapta Attain

Functionalities in all modules More Less Allocations in G/L acts All journals only in recurring journals No. of user More Less Inbound and Outbound in CRM both only Outbound Authorisations/Approvals Present partial/workaround Web Enability Less h/w,s/w more Developement Time More Less Have nice time Samee [:)]