Axapta Server Sizing

Hi all, We are planning to Deploy MS Axapta 3.0 with one HO and two remote Factories connected via Leased Line. we have 30 concurrent users at each site. The Architect is TWO load balanced AOS Servers at HO with Cluster SQL. We are also planning to use VSAT - 256 KBPS, let us know what should be the Server hardware approx. and also Let me know about latency problems or perfromance problems if any on VSAT’s network or over Leased Lines. [?] What is the best communication media to work with Axapta. Just to inform, We already used all hardware sizing tools. Thanks in Advance.

To take care of latency, citrix would be a better option. Regards,

Hi the biggest killer on Axapta WAN performance is the latency !! MBS recomends at MAX 50 ms. So lets divide it by 2 to get appropriate performance => 50/2 = 25 ms at MAX !! Better look for TerminalServer or Citrix Metaframe when thinking of VSAT. Hope it helps Pirmin Check also the discussion:

MBS would love for you to have 50 ms access time; however, this is often not possible. The published latency is nothing greater than 100 ms or you should use Terminal or Citrix server.