Axapta & Oracle archivelog mode

Does anybody here runs Axapta with Oracle in archivelog mode? I’m administrator of database where runs Axapta (2.5 SP3) and I have problems with archivelogs being generated to much while loading data. There is no problem during normal operation of Axapta - Oracle generates about 100 MB of archived redo logs, but during data loading it generates about 150MB per minute and very soon all available free disk space is taken … Company implementing Axapta for us keeps telling that there must be something wrong with Oracle DB… Do you have any comments on this? Thank you!

This is normal behaviour for an Oracle database. My guess is you have 4 online redo logs of 20MB each (i think this is default). When you load data a lot of changes are made in the database, so a dramatic increase of offline redo logs is to be expected. You can choose to disable the log mode during data load. This way the online logs are filled, but when they are full no copy is made to an offline log. You won’t have to worry about disks filling up.

hi oracledba, Please comment on the above solution given by our friend Repeat64. Thanks Repeat64 for this valuable solution. Please do address all the difficulties you face with Axapta - Oracle combination. Thanks & regards vaibhav pednekar