Axapta on .Net ... How?

I have an enterprise portal (not Axpta Enterprise Portal) build using .Net, and this portal need to display some of the data from Axapta. But looking at current Axapta doesn’t support .Net , any good idea of display the data? tx

Hello, if it is only “some” data and you only need to display it… why not pulling it directly out of the database ? Pirmin

hi, We are also developing on same architecture, we had at first decided to have our portal on .Net we were thinking of using com connector, but then due to the above mentioned problem we planned that it will be done by directly accessing the Database. Primin, i have a case here that we want the portal data to flow to Axapta also and from axapta to portal also. i have planned that the portal will have its database and through axapta we write a routine to get that data into axapta and after processing sending the modified data back to the portal database. for .Net site, if it had been simple asp we could have managed it with com conector. Any inputs on this topic will be very helpful. thanks & regards vaibhav pednekar