Axapta OLAP - Pivot table not working

Hi Guys, I’m working on Microsoft Axapta 3.0 (SP3.1). I’m trying to use the OLAP functionality in Axapta. I’m new to Axapta and I wanted to know whether Axapta has any user interface (Reporting tool just like Seagate Info) to view analysis report or it has just the Pivot table feature? One more problem I’m facing is whenever I try to click on Pivot table->Inquiry, either my Axapta crashes or sometimes it says “please insert disk” or sometimes “No cubes found”. Please let me know whether it is a bug in Axapta or whether any configuration settings which I’m missing. I really appreciate if anyone can help me on this. My development project is stalled bcoz of this! Thanks in advance! Dilip

Hi Can’t help you with your specific problem, but there’s an additional program Microsoft Business Solution sells: it’s called Business Analaytics and it is basically a OLAP tool which is used from outside Axapta. The advantage to other external programs is that it is already shipped with some data transfer DTS scripts so you can start with some data. The program is shipped with DTS scripts for Navision as well. But please don’t ask me the price, I don’t know.

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