Axapta OLAP - Pivot table not working

Hi Guys, I’m working on Microsoft Axapta 3.0 (SP3.1). I’m trying to use the OLAP functionality in Axapta. I’m new to Axapta and I wanted to know whether Axapta has any user interface (Reporting tool just like Seagate Info) to view analysis report or it has just the Pivot table feature? One more problem I’m facing is whenever I try to click on Pivot table->Inquiry, either my Axapta crashes or sometimes it says “please insert disk” or sometimes “No cubes found”. Please let me know whether it is a bug in Axapta or whether any configuration settings which I’m missing. I really appreciate if anyone can help me on this. My development project is stalled bcoz of this! Thanks in advance! Dilip

Hi Can’t help you with your specific problem, but there’s an additional program Microsoft Business Solution sells: it’s called Business Analaytics and it is basically a OLAP tool which is used from outside Axapta. The advantage to other external programs is that it is already shipped with some data transfer DTS scripts so you can start with some data. The program is shipped with DTS scripts for Navision as well. But please don’t ask me the price, I don’t know.

Hi Dilip, Guess OLAP hasn’t been set up properly. Herewith I have enclosed a document titled “OLAP Services”. Though this document pertains to ver 2.5, you can still refer to this for setting up OLAP properly. If you are looking for reporting tool, then you might want to check out - “Atlas XL” from You can also write to Steve Wright [] Just a request - please do not cross post. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu
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Dear Harish, Thanks for your response. Actually, I had tracked the problem on Saturday itself. Your guess was right. Actually the cubes were not properly transferred and processed in OLAP server. Now, I’m able to view the cubes through Pivot table. But I’m getting these errors quite frequently whenever I try to transfer/process a cube…sometimes it works properly but at other times it pops these errors listed below: Error: Method ‘Connect’ in COM object of class ‘{B492C386-0195-11D2-89BA-00C04FB9898D}’ returned error code 0x80040031 which means: Unable to connect to the registry on the server, or you are not a member of the OLAP Administrators group on this server. When I update my base tables, dimension/fact data then when I click on process button, this error comes up: Method ‘Process’ in COM object of class ‘_Cube’ returned error code 0x8004005D (unknown>) which means: Also, the processing is very slow through Axapta…The same thing I tried processing through Microsoft Analysis Manager and it did in matter of seconds and without any errors… Once again thanks for the document and thanks for your reply. It would be great if you can throw some light on these errors. Dilip

Dear Helmut, Thanks for your advice on Business Analytics…I guess it’s altogehter a different tool for OLAP Reporting…Actually we have license for Axapta right now…Maybe we will think of this tool in future…If you have any idea of a demo version of the above tool, please let me know…i will try to play around and then think of buying it. For the time being, I’m thinking to use Excel 2002 as a front end [:)] for my decision makers team…I will setup the cubes in Analysis Server and decision makers can analyze the data easily without installing a third party tool on their system. Anyways, thanks for your advice and please let me know if you are aware of a demo version/link so that I can install and play around… Dilip

Hi Dilip, Please see my response inline - >>Error: Method ‘Connect’ in COM object of class ‘{B492C386-0195->>11D2-89BA-00C04FB9898D}’ returned error code 0x80040031 which >>means: Unable to connect to the registry on the server, or you are >>not a member of the OLAP Administrators group on this server. The error message indicates that there is some problem with access rights. Have you tried referring to these two KB articles - Q231951 & Q241088. If not, please do refer them. >>Method ‘Process’ in COM object of class ‘_Cube’ returned error code >>0x8004005D (unknown>) which means: I have heard of this error message before. Though I have never faced this personally. What version of SQL Server / SP are you using? Please let us know. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi I am sure you can get a demo version of it from your local MBS office. MBS Business Analytics was developed, however, based on the “Targit” program by a danish company. So, “Targit” seems to be the father/brother/whatever of the MBS tool. You can download a 30 day demo at

Dear Harish, Thanks for your response. I had earlier went to registry and tried giving the full access permission to OLAP admins for that key and also tried giving full permissions on Data folder (Analysis Manager). Regarding the second error, it comes when i change my data and try reprocessing the cube through Axapta (Cube definition manager). The same If i do through SQL Analysis Manager-Full Process option, it completes successfully. I will try those 2 KB articles referred by u and let u know the status. Right now, i’m into designing my data warehouse. I’m using SQL 2000 and I have installed the latest service packs (3.0) for SQL Server and also 3.0 for Analysis Services respectively. Dear Helmut, Thanks for the link…I will download and give it a shot… Thanks to both of you for the support till date! I really appreciate your efforts Warm Regards, Dilip

Hi Dilip, Please upgrade from SQL Server SP3 to SQL Server SP3A. We have already discussed about the reason behind for this upgradation in this forum. You can read that here - Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Dear Harish, Thanks for the reply and the link. Last few days, I was busy with database warehousing so didn’t get a chance to reply. I have SP3A installed on my system and also I have installed Analysis SP3. At the moment, I’m not getting any errors as such. Once again, Thanks a lot for your support and help. Also, I need one more help from you, can you please recommend me some good links or some docs or pdfs etc etc which will help me to learn Axapta (technical n functional) both and also I would like to get information on how to become an AXAPTA certified professional. Is Axapta certification recognised in market or in demand? Thanks in advance. Thanks and Regards, Dilip

Hi Dilip, If you want to learn Axapta one of the best way is to participate in user groups. You tend to come across a variety of problems & solutions from different areas. I personally learned a lot from this user group :slight_smile: Also please go through documents that comes along with CD. As far as job opportunities, off late I am coming across good job opportunities for Axapta. To get an idea, do please visit - Regards, Harish Mohanbabu