Axapta login issue


In our Axapta setup, we have tested with Indian license (en-in) and it is working fine. Then we tried the same for another user by configuring the Server and Client configuration settings using the setup in the respective login, it is throwing the following error “No Lincese available for the language code EN-US.”

Server Configuration : Server name - Server1 and DB - AX2009; Port No - 2713

Clientt Configuration: Server name - Server1 and DB - AX2009; Port No - 2713

Configuration command to run at Kernel startup - “=language-en-in”

Above are the setups done for the user but could not login to Axapta. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

Hai Vinitha,

Once change the TCP/IP port to 2712 in the Server Configuration utility,and the Restart the Services of Aos in the Administrative tools–>services.

If its ok,pls try loading the licence file again


You are connecting from you local to server or in the standalone machine…

this error is populating…


In server configuration and client configuration change the port num to 2712

Start > Admin…tools > Server configuration…

Hi Vinitha,

If it is ‘No license available for the language code EN-US’ is the issue -

  1. Connect to SQL Server
  2. Navigate to UserInfo table
  3. If you look at this users record, you should see ‘en-us’ value against language field
  4. Change this to ‘en-in’ by running a SQL update statement.
    Once the above is done, the user should be able to log in now.


i have one doubt userinfotable and sysuserinfo tables are same? In the sysuserinfo table there is no lanugugae field? So please clarify me where is userinfo table?

They are different.

UserInfo contains list of users in AX and their Active Directory info and default company info. In DAX you can see this table under System documentation > Tables in AOT

SysUserInfo on the other hand contains info related to user option settings for each user. You can see this table under Data Dictionary > Tables node in AOT.

For the language issue (as I suggested in my previous post) the particular user’s record may be modified directly in SQL Server. The ‘UserInfo’ table should be right at the end in SQL Server → → Tables node

Alternatively an AX job may be written to modify the particular user’s language setting.

Hi Harish,


Hi naru

U can find the UserInfo table in Database there u can edit.

IN ax application U can find in System Documentation .

As Harish Said, do that.

and restart your AOS once…