Axapta Certifications 2009 or 2012?


I was planning to wrtie axapta development certifications. Shall i wait for 2012 or go ahead with 2009. Please suggest which one is better.


Better to go for AX 2009 certification, only cause 2012 not yet released.


Considering that AX 2012 release is around the corner (well actually 3rd quarter), you may want to focus on DAX 2012.

Better still certifying both on AX 2012 and AX 2009 will also help immensely. AX 2009 will be around for quite a while. You will also have an extra edge.

Thanks Sunil and Harish for your valuable suggestions…

Hello Syed,

I need to prepare for the AX 2012 financials certification. Before I start I was wondering if you or somebody else know if the questions have been changed a lot compared to 2009 financials?

I appreciate your answers.