Currently I am using Navision Axapta 3.0 and want to integrate supply chain management function, we are Stevedoring company which provides logistics functions by train, vessel and air. I looked on the internet but did not find any solution or case study about implamitation in such structure. Also I found software from Magaya company which might suite our needs but I want all in one place to easily access the information in the future. But a question is: Will AXAPTA handle my specific needs? Have any implemented AXAPTA in stevedoring or cargo hangling company?

Are you into Third Party Logistics also or only provide Freight Forwarding services ? Please give me a bird’s eye view of your business so that I can help. Cheers,

We are company with sisters and daugters providing Freigt Forwarding, Stevedoring involved in handling of general, bulk and breakbulk commodities; terminals for storage and handling of bulk fertilizers (potash), consulting, technical design and engineering company, servicing all ships calling our freeport, involved in agency services and chartering of vessels. We are very structured company and we want to implemement all of these functions in one application. Will it be AXAPTA or AXAPTA with something else… - investigating. Thank you in advance