Axapta 3.0 Client installation with SP3 through group policy

Hi all,

yes, you have read correctly. It’s still Axapta 3.0! Not my fault. :wink:

Due to a change in our infrastructure I need do deploy the Axapta Client to about 40 XP client machines. So I was thinking about using group policy. I have created an administrative installation point for the Axapta Client and one for SP3. I have put both msi-packages into one GPO.

Does anyone know how I can force that the client is installed before the service pack? Or has anyone a link to a howto or something.

Thanks in advance.

A little more info:

The SP3 msi could be used for the GPO but the problem is that I receive an error on most clients that the correct version of ISScript.msi is missing. When I install SP3 manually through setup.exe the ISScript.msi is automatically updated and the problem resolves. But with GPO I cannot use the setup.exe. When I try to install SP3 to an administrative installation point using setup.exe /a I receive the following error message:

1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime.

Ok, I was now able to create an administrative installation point for SP3 now. I had to install the correct InstallShield version on the machine where I ran setup.exe /a.