Axapta 2012 - SSRS report - how to open a design by selected value of a parameter?

I have 2 designs in the SSRS report and one parameter with 2 values.

When one value in the parameter is selected - report has to load one design, when second value - to show load second design.

How to do that?

you should use the controller class, and set the parmReport value on the preRunModified method. see other controller class examples to name one see controller class for CustAging report.

This solution works.


In my case, I have two different report designs. Based on purchase type i need to locate the different report designs. For example, if my purchase type is “purchase order” i need to show the report design 1 and if my purchase type is “returned order”, i need to show the report design 2 from the same copy/original product receipt button.

How to do that? any idea? Is that can be done through SSRS controller classes?



You can see how the VendAging report is working.

For example: class=VendAgingReportController - method=getReportName