Axapta 2009 - Role Centers - how to exclude authentication form

Using Axapta 2009 and installed Role Centers.

Customer wants : when user enter in axapta client- role center has to load automatically, without inserting credentials.

Currently user has to insert user name and password.

How can I do that?

Have you allowed the Automatic Logon in Intranet Zone setting in IE security?

Thanks for reply.

I tried the steps from here :

But no success. When I open Axapta and Role Center is loading I have to insert user name and password.


Can you double check if the EP and Role Centers web site is added to the Local Intranet zone and not to the Trusted sites (if it isn’t and you are using Automatically detect intranet network, it would be best to add it manually and uncheck this option).

Hope this helps,


Added RC web site to Local Intranet zone and it works.