Axapta 2009 - column exists in AOT->Tables but doesn't exist in SQL. The columns appears in SQL after column property 'Extended data type' is deleted.

For example table : AddressCountryRegion, colum : TaxCode.

This column exist in axapta but doesn’t exist in SQL.

I need this column to process some dimensions from Production Olap cube.

If in AOT->Table column properties the property ‘ExtendedDataType’ is deleted - this column appears in SQL.

Somebody can help me to solve this problem? to delete ExtendedDataType is not a solution.


Can this be because we use not licensed version?

If the License/Configuration keys are disabled then AX will drop the tables and fields related to them from database.

In this case check whether Foreign Trade configuration is enabled or not from Administration → Setup → System → Configuration under the Trade node…