AX7 Integration Development Purchase Invoice Posting.

Hi Guys, Here’s an another challenge on the AX7. I’m completely new to integration work on AX7. I would like to hear from you guys on few doubts that I had in my mind before I begin my work.

  • This integration is going to touch the AP and GL module on AX7
  • This integration is automation of the Purchase order invoice posting those were periodically pull from other ERP system and communication back to the other ERP system for the acknowledgement.
  • This complete integration includes creating the records in AX table and the other ERP system.

My queries below:

Which model I should use (Extension/Overlaying) for the development work?.

How the AX7 would talk to Other ERP system and Vice Versa(Does the services/services group work on AX7?)?

How the Batch process works on AX7?

Why do you consider overlayering and extensions? What standard objects are you going to change? If none, you need neither overlayering nor extending anything.

They should talk via web services. Custom service do work; you can possibly also use data entities. It seems that you didn’t look into documentation yet, so please do it now - you’ll find more details there.

Frameworks for batch processing are the same as in AX 2012.

Thank you Martin. I’ve been following you since I hooked into this forum. You’re so valuable to this forum and fellow consultants. Keep continuing your job, Well done.