Ax4.0 license

i am not understanding how to take license from above picture

Hi Ven,

License is just a code. You need to copy that and go to the configuration and select the layer and paste the code…thats it…the license will be in some text file only…

I am installed ax 4.0 after that i am going to compile the step by step

1.compile application is completed
2. License Information :
how to up load i dont now abt that in 2nd Image showing different license information

Hi Venn,

The second stage will be providing License information.

copy the license information in your desktop.

then, while providing the lice info , you will see the option to browse. there you set the path to desktop destination which you have copied. Then press ok and thats it.

Hi ,

u hav to upload the license file in the Admin → setup -->System → license information

its showing like below