AX2012 SSRS Error - Unable to Log on to Microsoft Dynamics Ax

HI There,

I am getting below error while running any AX report even after having all required access

“:Unable to Log on to Microsoft Dynamics AX”.

Note that i have set ITL\abc as business connectior a/c in AX and same a/c is used for SSRS execution account and service account while AOS service account is different.

My id has Admin access on AX, SSRS, Local server still unable to access report.

Kindly help.

You need to set the Reporting Services Execution Account to the same user as the Dynamics AX Service Account

And also check if the user is added to the Report server in browser.

Do a WCF refresh after everything is done.

But as per MS installation guide, SSRS execution account and Business connector a/c should be same, it doesn’t need to have same AOS account.

I do have another dev box where same scenario works fine ( BC and Execution a/c same, different AOS a/c)

Yeah BC proxy account should be the SSRS execution account.

did you give the business proxy account in service accounts form?

Now go to report server configuration ->give the service account and execution account as BC proxy account.

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check if the user has relevant permissions in report server in browser.