AX2012 SSRS cache problem


Earlier we have added a field to SalesPackingSlipHeaderTmp and now we gave it a label (with labelID). However, when deploying the report SalesPackingSlipReport / compile it / CIL etc, and opening that report in VS2010, it still retrieves an other labelID ( note, this labelID is not from its EDT nor extends of it, probably an old labelID ). Refreshing the data set SalesPackingSlipHeaderTmp (data source: Microsoft AX, data source type: Report Data Provider) of the SalesPackingSlip report in VS2010 does not fix the problem.

However, when adding a new data set, with the exact same data source, data source type and query to that report, it retrieves the correct labelID.

It is easy to fix this for a single field, however, it will get troublesome if it applies to multiple fields and in multiple reports.

Is there any way to clear the SSRS cache, thus that the data set actually uses the new code instead of using an old cache? Refreshing the cache in AX2012 via Tools → Caches does not work, so is there some SSRS cache which we could clear?

We also tried to use “Cache Refresh Options” of that report in “SQL Server Reporting Services” webpage but then we get the message: “Cache refresh plans cannot be created or edited because the data source credentials used to run the associated item are not stored on the server.”

Thanks in advance.

I forgot to mention, restarting the SSRS Server Reporting Services did not work either.

Try to delete RDL and deploy again

There is a great product that enables really fast and easy design without Visual Studio in MS Word. It removes many design limitations of the SSRS designer. The tool resuses SSRS report data and can be used to desing existing reports and to do that no coding is required. You can also easily add additional data without changing the report temporary tables and you don’t have to restart Reporting Services/AOS to be able to see the changes.

Reports are designed in MS Word so you will be able to use all Word’s formatting and styles and all other features such as tables, shapes, headers/footers/sections - you are already familiar with.

I would recommend this product to anyone who thinks that SSRS report development in AX requires too much effort and feels a bit exhausted by developing them.