ax2012 SSAS cube


I use excel 2013 to connect to Ax2012 R3 demo data using SSAS connection. I connect to the standard “SalesCube” and i am able to perform excel pivot using the existing demo data for InvoiceAmountMST by company by customer. The records are correct.

Then i try to create a new sales order and post the sales invoice. However, when i try to refresh the data in the excel pivot, it doesn’t populate the latest data.

May i know how can we refresh the data in excel for the BI cube?




Hey Tan,

The OLAP cubes provided with Dynamics AX need to be asynchronously updated in order to refresh their data set. This is something that has to be done through Analysis Services.

The easiest way to do this on a one-time basis is to log into SQL Management Studio, connect to the Analysis Service database, navigate to the cube node, right click the cube you want to process, and click the “Process” button. Click the OK button in the dialog that pops up and allow time for the cube to process.

You can also re-process the entire database at once by doing the same procedure from the analysis services database node, instead. If you want to keep this database updated consistently, you’ll need to schedule this processing.

Take a look at the following link for additional info: