AX2012 Sales Order Charges


When I’m adding charges to a sales order, the charges neither show when I click the total button, nor on the invoice when posted?

Is there a parameter somewhere for this?


Dear Trond,

there are many ways to add charges in AX, now the point is how you are adding it.

can you specify the detail of your scenerio so we can help you bro.


What is the Posting type for Debit/Credit of your Charges code? Either of them should be Customer/Vendor

Thanks Kiran,

I think you gave me the answer. The charges codes have been setup with posting type ledger account. Is that the reason?

Husain, I’m adding it by clicking the charges option in the header of the order, and select on of my charges codes.

Yup :slight_smile:

Because your customer pays the charge. Therefore, the charge is added to the sales order totals. You set up the following posting information:

  • In the Type field in the Debit field group, select Customer/Vendor to add the invoice charge to the customer’s account.

  • In the Type field in the Credit field group, select Ledger account. Then, in the Account field, select the main account for revenue from invoice charges