AX2012 - Restrict User Access To Warehouse Level


May I know how can i restrict user access to view only specified warehouses? For example, my company has warehouse A, B & C. But for certain reasons, the sales man should not grant access to know the inventory level for warehouse C. As such, how can i limit the sales man access, which can only see warehouse A & B but not C?




hi, Alice

you can restrict them through the security>user group permission.


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I am not sure record level security will provide your solution given teh requirements, you would need to modify this, but this goes everywhere so you need to consider why you do not want them to see it rather than define this as working practice not to load sales on the warehouse etc.

I too agree with Adam . Without modification , you cannot acheive this functionality.

Hi Adam,

I’ve tried the record level security. However, I found that it does not work as per requirement.

Hi Ameen,

What do you mean by modification? Do you mean technical customization?






yes it is possible through record level security

You can restrict the viewing of inventory in the specific warehouse by applying record level security in

Basic>Inventory dimension table > and in the criteria input the required warehouse or viceversa ! in the warehouse filter