AX2012 R3 Transport Management

Hi All,

In the R3 release of 2012 Microsoft released Transport Management functionality, but without any training materials. Does anyone know if the transport orders have any interaction with sales order line delivery dates please?



I’m not familiar with Transportation Management module, nevertheless it’s not true that there is no training available. Check out New Courses: Warehouse Management and Transportation Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. There is also some documentation on Technet.

Not really, you plan the loads manually, putting sales orders onto them. That is my understanding of the little I have seen.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. “Instructor” training material, like the PDF manuals that exist for trade and logistics, finance and all of the other areas.

Given the usual timescales and the imminent arrival of a new UI with Rainier I would not expect any to be honest.

I don’t suppose you know roughly when project rainier releases please? I’ve searched for info but not found a lot.

Hi Jonathan,

On partnersource and customersource you can find some information from workshops with labs which could be helpful to understand TMS and to create own training material.

Note that MVP’s are under NDA and are thus not able to answer your last question. You have to wait for the official Microsoft announcements. So it is true you cannot find this information online.

Even as an MVP I have no knowledge on the release date of Rainier. I expect it to be 2015 which is on the public roadmap, and I expect the focus of all teams at MS to be on that as much as possible and therefore focus on elements like instructor manuals for an “old” version would be a low priority.