AX2012 R2 service starting issue

hi all

i installed ax2012 r2 sucessfully,

but after mapping demodata to my ax2012r2 instance am not able to start the ax2012 service,

in eventviewer i found the below message,

NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE Reason: Failed to open the explicitly specified database.

anyone help me to solve this

thanx in advance

have a look into this link…

try to reInstall the AOS.

Hi Arun,

Have you managed to resolve this issue yet? If not, the error message complains about connecting to database. Make sure the credentials you are using have correct security rights.


harish, still am not solved this issue,

then i tried to install AOS with Contoso Demo DB, this time i got error message as,

" the selected database is not a model store database"

have any idea about this error???

check the sql users list… The aos account user is exist in your db or not…if exist please reset the password…and the aos account is having the system user and db owner rides…