AX2012 - Personalize AX Interface Font Size


As i know, AX2009 allows user to personalize the AX interface font size. It is under tools>options. However, i couldn’t find this available in AX2012.

Does anybody know where to change the font size?



Hi alice,

It is there in Tools>Options>General>interafce options.

If you mean the code side of it then you can change the font size by pressing CTRL+scroll up

Also at the bottom left you can change the zoom



Hi Vikas,

I followed your steps. However, i couldn’t find anywhere i can edit the font size. Please assist. Thanks!



Hi alice ,

on the same form right click and goto record info.

In the other fields section you will see the formfontsize field .(I dont know where you can edit this field.)

I have checked the code and found that this field is coming from the userinfo table which is a system table located in the system documentation.

However I think you can change the font by passing the value in the code itself in the sysusersetup form in the methods formsize and form font.


Vikas Mehta.

Hi Alice,

If the AX menus look unusual you might find the general windows screen size has been changed (see Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display). If this is set to 125% AX menus and forms are widely spaced.