AX2012: Number sequence 0 doesn't exist error while updating PO>Product receipt

Hi Guys,

while updating the product receipt in AX2012, I receive an error as “Number sequence 0 doesn’t exist”. Any pointers from somebody on what could be causing this.

I believe that while updating product receipt system looks for “Internal product receipt” sequence in “AP>parameters” form. But, eventhough i remove the number sequence for “internal product receipt” i am getting an error message of “number sequence 0 doesn’t exist”

Hi Santosh,

This is a known issue of number sequence. Check that the Internal product receipt number sequence is not shared and make it to company specifiec.


But pranav, the nmber sequence that we attached for the “internal product receipt” is set to “Company” scope. But still we are facing the problem.

On the other side, if we remove the number sequence for “internal product receipt”, i am not receiving message like "number sequence doesn’t exist for the “internal product receipt number”( I assume it should throw this error message when we have no sequence linked to this)

Hi Santosh,

Can you tell us where do you get this error from?


While updating a product receipt for the PO, i am getting this error. Can you pls elaborate your question what exactly you want to know [:)].

Please share me if you have any clue on this. Thanks in advance

Hi Santosh,

If it was company specific, did you tried the same scenario after making it shared?

Sometime back we faced the same issue and it was resolved by changing something in number sequence, i am not able to recall what we changed but it was related to number sequence only.


Hi Santosh,

The fact is you removed the number sequence, you did not receive any error. Was just thinking the issue may be somewhere else.

If you can figure out where the error comes from (i.e. which method from table / class etc), it will be easier to figure out the issue.