Ax2012 is running very very slow.

Hi All,

for Ax2012, I have installed the 8 GB of RAM, Window Server 2012 R2, 930 GB Hard disk, intel CoreI5 Processor, 64-Bit OS on my system and. and I’m using Ax2012 R2 CU7 on it in this way-

1- One is Running Ax2012 on the same machine. (Person is Working on it for Setup Configuration and Transaction).

2- In Another System(4 GB RAM), we installed the client and using Ax Server from the 1st one Machine. (Person is working on it for Reports Development).

3- and In the Third system we are running Ax using the Remote Desktop of 1st one machine. (Person Is working on it, doing Customization and Transaction).

I have also attached the screenshot for Configuration of My System.

Using the Ax on all three system is very-very slow. Please let me know what is the problem and how can i resolve it.

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Vijay Raj Nath

Is all RAM consumed? Is the processor under heavy load? On which machine? Is the problem in network communication? In database? And so on…

We may be able to help you to resolve the problem, but we can’t detect it for you, because we don’t have access to your system.

Thanks Martin for your co-ordination.

Yes, all RAM is Consumed. How can i get our Systems fast to work.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Raj Nath


Have you tried workaround solutions like: AOS restart, Temporary files deletion, Rebooting the server etc… may be you can check that way first and then see if gets resolved or not.

What is consuming the memory? AOS? SQL Server? Something else?

Don’t guess. Analyse.

You can try the below option to increase the performance

  1. Go To System Administration / Setup / System / client performance option - Uncheck the fact boxes if not required.

  2. Go To System Administration / Periodic / Database / Click on Consistency Check ( You will get a report of errors and warnings )

  3. Go To System Administration / Periodic / Compile once on non peak hours.

Hope this will solve your problem.

Thank you,