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AX2012, CU4, - Intercompany order …

Hi … Am looking for some inspiration, if possible

Item has a dimension group with site / warehouse and location active.

I can process an intercompany order – no worries, no issues.
I can process a direct delivery to an outside supplier – no worries, no issues…

I can’t process an intercompany order as a direct delivery – because AX complains of the dimension group.

I know the reason, it’s because the location is active (works on other items without location active)

What I don’t understand is why?

Any thoughts please?



Does it complain that the location is not specified?

Hi …

This is the mesage:

Intercompany orders with direct delivery cannot be created because of the WMS setup on dimension group for item 1455760

I used another item that did not have the location active and it worked,

I am surmising that the location is the cause of the message, but could be wrong


Hi Martin,

The location is the cause, as per this blog.

My problem is, we need the location badly. :frowning:

Still looking for possible solution. Do you manage to resolve this?



Hi Bella …

No, it’s still an issue and is on our ‘list to do’


I presume the interim warehouse has a location set and a default one defined?

No problem, Marty. Hope we can find solution for this.

Hi Adam,

Yes, we have defined a default warehouse & issue/receipt location for the item.


Next question[:)] tried it in R2?

Hi …

Yes, we replicated this in R2 as well, unfortunately, thanks anyway for the advice

Yes, I’m using AX R2.

Anyone reported it to Microsoft then? [:D]

Hi …

I will check on that, I can’t recall if we did log directly or on the Microsoft connect site, (if not, I will)

For us, it’s not critical as this error was found during our analysis stage, but I do understand why it should be logged.


Marty :slight_smile:

Seems like a huge problem to me that they need to fix [:D]

Hi …

On the storage dimension / location … tick the ‘allow blank issue / receipt’ … this will then allow for direct delivery for intercompany orders.

In summary, you cannot generate an Intercompany Direct Delivery order unless you allow Location Blank receipt/Blank issue

This is the root cause of our issue,


Hi Marty,

I will try to simulate this tomorrow.

However, my fear in allowing blank issue/receipt is that an inventory transaction will be posted without location thus I can no longer trace the location of each item.

The work-around that I’m thinking is to make the location mandatory but this is quite tedious cause I have to do this in every form.

Is my idea correct? Or is there any other way of blocking posting without location should I choose to mark Allow blank receipt/issue in Location?

Thank you.


You can define it in PO (per line), at PO Line>Line Details>Posting>Ledger Account.



Hi Bella,

Is this posted to the correct blog / question? Should it be this one as I dont understand why a ledger account has to do with direct delivery



Thank you, Marty… :slight_smile: It should be posted on other question.

BTW, I made a simulation of direct delivery today.

I did a transaction from direct delivery using the Storage Dimension with Accept Blank Receipt/Issue in Location & I succesfully created intercompany direct delivery.


  1. Branch creates a Sales Order to a Customer

  2. Branch creates a Direct Delivery to Head Office. Consequently, an intercompany PO & SO was created.

  3. Post Pick List & Pick List Registration in Head Office.

But when I’m posting the sales invoice in Head office, I am encountering an error “The result of Invoice matching process for invoice XXX is unknown. View the invoice in te posting invoice form or perform invoice matching on the invoice and then post. Posting of POXXX canceled.”

I checked the PO of the Branch to HO but the invoice is disabled since it is a direct delivery. I also changed the AP Parameters not to require invoice matching but the result is the same. I also did check the Intercompany PO setup.

Have you also encountered the same error? What might be the cause?



Hi Bella …

I can’t recall having that issue, when I have a little more time, I will attempt to simulate your scenario,

Thanks Bella,


Hi All,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
However, I have a problem with Inter-company Direct Delivery. The case is Company A sold to the external Customer, then company A order it from Company B, a sister-company. Company B directly deliver it to the external customer.

I managed to do this with non-serialized items. However, when I’m dealing with serial number-controlled items, it blocks posting of Packing Slip in Inter-company SO. I need to register the serial number first in Intercompany PO then repeat again in inter-company SO picking list.

I tried to synchronize the serial numbers but it requires issue status “Deducted”.

AX will also accept different SN received in Intercompany PO compared to what is delivered in Intercompany SO.

Any idea will help. Thank you.