Ax2012: How to identify a product as Bom

Hi everyone,

In Ax2012, how to identify a product whether it is a BOM or item. To the best of my knowledge, any product of type item have the provison to attach the lines.

So, if i have 100 released products in my org, i want to see how many of those products can be manufactured in house…?

You need to have the Default Order Type as production in the default order settings…

yeah…but that is again just default ordering purpose, even though the default order type is set to “purchase”, still the specific product is selectable during production order creation.

Besides that, at a glance,how should i look the BOM items in my company.

Nope Kranthi is correct unless you have the processing configuration key activated and the formula planning is set to BOM. Basically an item is an item and depending upon the warehouse the item could be manufactured or purchased as standard.

You can look at the Lines report in Bill of Material(in IM), which can propably show you all the items that are configured with BOM lines.

Kranthi and Adam,

Still i have a little problem here, I want to understand how the system considers a product as BOM. My doubt are…

I have a BOM item with a version attached to it. In the BOM lines i want to set the line type “Phantom”. Basically the “phantom” line type can be specified only to the item of type “BOM”. In Ax2012, for any product we can be able to set the “phantom”. So, is it a bug…?

Eventhought the default order setting for a released product is specified as “purchase”, we can create a production order for it. why does the system allow the prdouction order to be created for a non-BOM item…?

waiting for your valuable comments.

Hi Kranthi,

With out looking at report , is it not possible to view find it from the Product or product master or released product form level ?

Can you guide me path to do as explained above ?

Hi Kranthi,

With out looking at report , is it not possible to view find it from the Product or product master or released product form level ?

Can you guide me path to do as explained above ?

Missed this. MS would never say it is a bug, it is by design [:D]. Without the process key there is no identification. I believe I asked this very early on at MS training on AX2012 and they said it would lead to a more open approach and if the customer wanted to classify items they would use the item group, or they would be defining the calculation group or cost group, so reporting and identification should be possible if you segregate your items correctly. I would prefer the item classification of BOM/Item as before as this drives the functionality, but it is not there any more (by design)

To answer you lally, see my point above on item classification.

For the configuration key it is under the license configuration - where we were talking about regional settings previously.

Are we all talking about the above? if so, we have the direct option to identify the products which are BOM and Non-BOMs.

Release products> Engineer Tab> Production type> “BOM”, “formula”. Filtering the product master with this will give us the list isn’t it.


Could you share the screen shot of the field , because i did not find that field in the standard database of AX 2012 as per above mentioned path.


The field is only there with process manufacturing key enabled according to the earlier post

We had a situation just the reverse. We had items where “production type” = ‘None’, but “Default Order Type” = ‘Production’. I can’t think of a scenario where someone would want this. (it happened because we created the item with a Formula, but then decided to purchase it rather than produce it; we changed “Production Type” to ‘None’, but left “Default Order Type” as ‘Production’ accidentally.) The problem it caused us was when we did our cost rollups. AX kept including these items where “Production Type” = ‘None’ in the rollup into pending prices, with the error that no BOM was attached (of course there was no BOM attached!). We finally discovered the “Default Order Type” setting, changed it to ‘Purchase Order’ and now all is good.

Hi Santosh,

Generating the report for “BOM lines” or “Where used” is not the way to identify the BOM items as it gives you only the child items and not the Parent one. As by default AX 2012 gives the Production type for an item as BOM, so its pretty hard to identify.

The best way is that either you can use a different item no code for the BOM items, say as ‘FG001’(Finished Goods) or an Item group that should be used only at the time of creating BOM items. And later on you can filter the item master with FG* or generate the report by that item group.

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Parashar Banerjee.