ax2012 batch order change formula line


I create a FG item with the type = Formula, then i build a simple formula using Ax default setting. Example is

1 FG >> the formula line is 1 Raw Mat, qty = 1 and per series =1. (meaning use 1 qty of raw mat to produce 1 fg)

Then i create a batch order for the FG with qty 30, AX default the formula line in the batch order. At status = Create. I add a new item in the formula line, why AX auto default the “Per series” = 30 (same with the production qty)? I not allow to edit the per series. My intention is to add 1 item with per series of 1. I expect it would be same like changing the softBOM (as like in ax2009).

Anyone know why we not allow to change the per series in batch order’s formula line? Is there any setting?

Kindly advice.



Is there any logic why AX not allow to amend the “per series” for batch order in the formula line?

Kindly advice. Thank you.