AX2012 ATP vs CTP

Hi, I have setup a scenario where my item has delivery control ATP (the ATP time fence is 30 days). I created a sales order line for a Qty of 200 which is more than the ATP, so I’m getting the message ‘The entered ship date 15/10/2012 is not valid because the requested quantity is not available according to ATP calculation.’ At this moment however, I don’t have an option to change the ship date to the earliest possible date according to ATP. Looking at my ATP info, this would be on 27/10 (in my example) as I have a purchase order comming in. So if I manually change the requested ship date to 27/10, the system accepts the order line.


I then deleted the orderline from previous scenario, changed my delivery control to CTP and repeated the same scenario, I’m getting a popup during order entry, saying that I cannot fulfill the Qty on the requested date. The nice thing about this CTP popup is that it has buttons to update the requested/confirmed ship date on my order line. However, it does not seem to take into account the purchase orders that are comming in. Instead it looks like to be pushes the ship date to today date + the lead time (which is 31 days).

Hence, with the above CTP info, I will delivery the goods to my customer much later than I actually could accoding to the ATP.

Does anyone have any idea if and how I could get the CTP overview to consider the goods coming in from purchase (or production)?


Hi ,

Sorry, but I think this may have something to do with an issue in my environment. I tested this since in another (standard) environment and this now seems to work as expected.