AX2012 Absence Setup

Hi all,

I have created an absence setup rule for salaried employees with a period setup being “calendar month” and have run the periodic absence journal creation which has created 12 monthly absence journals. When I try to request a historic absence (yesterday’s date), it only seems possible to register absence against the first absence period and the message “Date must be less than or equal to period’s end date” is displayed. Absence periods are displayed 01/01/14 to 31/01/14.

Can anyone help me work out how to book absence please, there doesn’t appear to be a routine to roll over the absence period.



Have you created working times for your payroll calendar? If not, create from Organization administration=> Common=> Calendars.

Yep, have set up calendars and working time templates. Will upload an image that shows the absence journals created and the journal that seems to be stuck in the first absence period.

Yup. Can you pls check whether worker calendar periods exists or not for current period?