AX2009 W/O Ended Process ( getting error message)

when we closing the W/O getting the error message

Inventory dimension Batch number is a primary input/output dimension and must consequently be specified.
Inventory dimension Serial number is a primary input/output dimension and must consequently be specified.
The production has lines in Job card journal 557573 that must be posted first.

how can I fix this error message, and then close these W/O , new to this procedure,

can some one please help , really appreciate any help.

I have tried different things to clear these messages, it will not work.


The message is clearly indicating you to fill the batch and serial numbers which are mandatory to input as per your Tracking dimension group settings. Just try filling them up and you will have no more such errors.

If you are unable to view these fields on your w/o form use Inventory=> Dimension display (or Dimension display) option to view and select the dimensions for entry.

Thanks for reply, when I go to dimension display, no serial # is there, it will not let me add it either also.

message is still there, when I try to end the work order

Have you posted a picking list journal/have the RAF tick ticked at end? So in other words have you consumed all the material you should have at this point?

yes, these work order has reported as finished by production, ready to be ended,

donot know why still getting the error message , I have tried all the setting, but the message will not go , its still there,

That is not answering my question - you can RAF without consumption, but if the pick lines do not have the end job set you would get that error message.