ax2009 sp1 kernel update (DynamicsAX2009-KB2934938-SP1.EXE)


I’ve tested this update. (KB2934938). We never updated our environment. the version we use is Ax 2009 SP1.

At first i can see some improvements for user experience, for example: fields that are read only are now grey and no problems with exporting to excel.

I searched the internet but I can’t find any release notes of previous versions. I’m trying to find out what the risks are of installing this in our production environment. As I can see it’s only the executable en dll’s that are updated; so no x++ code.

Does anybody have this documentation or any experience with updating the kernel?

the included readme says: Hot Fix for Microsoft Knowledge Base article number(s) 2934938

Thanks in advance.



The KB2934938 is related to performance issues in SQL Server, you can find a detailed KB in;en-US;2934938

In theory, Kernel updates are safer than hotfixes related to business logic. It’s recommend to have a recent kernel because some issues are solved by applying a recent kernel.

Nevertheless, I recommend to upgrade in a development / testing environment before applying into the production environment.


Thank you for your reply. Ofcourse I found this article in the knowledgebase, but I meant since ax2009 sp1 there were more issues fixed in this recent kernel.

Where can I find a list of all those fixes?


If you have 2009 SP1, you should have build number 5.0.1000.52, you are trying to upgrade to kernel 5.0.1600.2967.

Open this link.

For each build number between the 2 kernel versions, open the corresponding KB (more less 20 articles),

In each KB, analyse the corrections published by Microsoft. The KB’s don’t expose easily what is kernel correction and what is an application correction, you must open each fix to find out.

thank you.