AX2009 Product Builder

Does anyone know where I might find some documentation on the use and setup of Product Builder, Configuration rules and routes? Aside from the standard microsoft training material (Chap 4 of Bills of Material).

Manuals for Product Builder I and II will be on partnersource. This is being removed in the next version, replaced by the AX2012 product configurator.

I think I found the solution I was looking for. I am looking at using the Item dimension Size and renaming it. Problem is, the items I need to put this into effect for have many open transactions against them and onhand inventory. In a test environment I took one of the items in question, closed out all its transactions and removed its onhand inventory. When I went to change the Dimension group, it gave me the following error

“The new dimension group cannot be assigned. Other financial dimensions apply and physical inventory transactions might exist and/or financial inventory transactions are not fully settled.”

So, for the sake of testing it to see if it would work as desired, I commented out the code causing the error. What all could be the possible ramifications of doing that?

It will fall over from a costing perspective I would guess. You have closed out transactions and removed inventory but have you run the inventory close? Microsofts answer is a new item, but you will simply have to test the ramifications of your change.

Thanks, I think we will go the safer route with new Items. We are not going to want to have to run Inventory close. These items get too much action.