Ax2009 Performance issues

hi all

am facing some performance issue in ax2009,

i want to create 150 manual Po including packingslip and invoice,

initially it took 25 mins to do the above process,

but day by day it took more time, now its taking 6 + hrs in one company

in another company it takes 2 hrs

wat will be the pblm???

one additonal info is the database size is 34GB

could anyone help me to improve the perfomance.

thanx in advance.

any suggestions???


I cannot give you any recommendation based on your post. I have to have a look at the system, when did it take 25 min?

Which databse version is installed?

Perhaps it can help you out to drop column statistics.

If I should give it a look, send me a mail at


/ Soeren Olsen - SeoSoft Aps