AX2009 Journal is shown In use but in fact no one using it


We are using AX2009 SP1.

Sometimes we find in General journal (or AR/AP journal), the journal is shown in-used. However, no user is using the journal.

After a few minutes, the journal is shown free.

Does anyone face this problem? (Journal is shown in-used but no one using it)

Our journal name is using the basic option only.

No approve/ No validate list/ No private user group is used.

This happens if people crash out of the journal line for some reason, but it does not just free itself, you have to free it.

As Adam said It happens some time with all the journal - but is should not be frequent. Some times the system will lock the journal.

see Blocking Tab - for more details.

Check whether any of these journals are automatically created(Customized).


I have this problem too, the only problem is user can’t open in use block themselves, if i want to add user so the user can unlock in use block ,

how can i setting security axapta ?