AX2009 EFT payment file generation

Am trying to generate an EFT payment file, in AX2009 environment. After I click the “Functions > Generate Payment” , the following error message displayed, can anyone tell me why ?

Missing receiver’s identification of sender (00AL_EFT). The field Our account number on the vendor must be filled in

seems it is a customization, please check with developer once.

I got this when I was attempting an EFT payment for a vendor where there was no PO.

You need to go to the vendor, go to the “Purchase Order Defaults” and set the “Our account number” to a value. This is the YourAccountNum field on the VendTable. As I understand it this is what will appear on the bank deposit transaction. I haven’t looked into this in detail, so this may or may not be an issue if there is an exiting PO.



Oh - and just for clarity, I got this on AX2012R2 so I would say it is the same error in many versions.

Thanks Phil, yes you are right, and it is applicable to 2009 version to.

Thanks for your reply