Ax2009 bom calculation


in Ax2009, i create a simple BOM with different costing method. WAC for raw material and standard cost for FG.

FG (use Standard Cost)

Rmat 1 (Use WAC - USD 8)

Rmat 2 (Use WAC - USD 12)

When I perform a BOM calculation for the FG (costing version - standard cost) , it show 0 cost. the FG not able to grab the Rmat cost which using WAC.

I would like to check, any of you customer using 2 different cost for their company?

How can we setup the able scenario and let the FG to calculate the cost?

Please advice.

Thanks and happy new year 2016.



That will depend upon how your costing version is configured and whether you hold the item cost on the item as well.

Hi Adam,

I create 2 costing version. Standard for the FG (using std cost) and Planned cost for raw material (using WAC). When i run the BOM calculation for costing version Standard, it not able to calculate the FG cost.

Is my setting correct? Pls advice.


I would suggest your fallback principle setting is incorrect.