AX2009 AIF / outbound XML missing fields


can anyone tell me what is the matter with a customized AIF service when the resulting XML document (viewed in document history) is not showing all the fields selected in the Endpoint Action Policies? The schema shows the fields, but even after refresh & generate of the services, the fields just will not appear on the XML? And these are pretty ordinary fields - VendTrans.AccountNum and DirOrganizationDetail:OrgNumber for example.

Anyone? I’m going insane here.

Edit: no exception listed in AIF Exceptions.

Answering to myself:

  1. The field has AllowEdit:No in the AOT table, and/or
  2. The field value is empty (or zero, if integer)

So simple, so maddening…


Please help me…
I want to export the sales invoice in xml format and save in folder i.e. AIF outbound process in ax 2012



Hi Darshana,

Look at the below link it might help you…!