AX2009 - Active Directory 2000


Is something knows if AX 2009 supports Active Directory 2000 when the client
is installed on a Windows 2008 machine ?

Config :

AD 2000

SQL 2005

AOS on Windows 2003

AX client on Windows 2008

Thanks a lot.


I think it might working with Active Directory 2000.

Because in minimum requirement document they just specify that only Active Directory service is configured in the sysytem.

so you can use Active Directory 2000.

If you configured successfully then give me answer.


Janak Talekar


I found an article on the Internet.

Those people are using Active Directory 2000 with DAX 2009.

so you can also configure AX 2009 in Active Directory 2000.

You just see that artivcle on following link


Janak Talekar

Hi Janak and thanks for your 2 responses,

It seems to work with this config :

  • AX2009sp1 client on W2003 —> AOS on W2003 —> SQLSERVER BDD on W2003 + AD 2000

It doesn’t wotk with this config :

  • AX2009sp1 client on W2008 —> AOS on W2003 —> SQLSERVER BDD on W2003 + AD 2000

Only one thing has changed… → OS of client AX2009sp1

Thanks a lot !


Are you install SP1 on AOS or not ?


Janak Talekar


Yes : SP1 all on AOS ans client

  • en_dynamics_ax_2009_x86_dvd_x14-85054 for install Sp0

  • DynamicsAX2009-KB956568.EXE for SP1

All seem to worh when I install AX Client SP1 on windows 2003

But we would want to implemante on Windows 2008 the Ax Client ! :frowning:

Thanks for helps