AX09 Project forecast deduction

Hi All,
Could anyone answer my query regarding with AX09 project forecast deduction:
Original Item forecast = 10k
I create one Item Journal line for this project. The item unit cost shown is ‘100 * 2’ = 200. This cost may not be accurate as it is the latest cost price.
Then, my forecast Item balance become (10,000 – 200 = 9,800) as it deducts based on the Item journal cost.

After I posted the journal, the actual cost posted to item trans is ‘205.5’. This is the running avg cost posted to GL.

However, my budget is not deducted the posted cost amount.

So, my question is :-

  1. Did I miss out something or is this the known issue? Is there any hotfix for this to deduct the actual cost?

  2. How the system handle the accurate cost deduction even after the revaluation is done?

  3. If there is no standard function cater for such scenario, is there any workaround suggested by Microsoft to capture the correct item cost?