Hi everyone.

I am new with ERP Development. However, way back my first work, I sometimes work with SAP, ABAP, B1 Developers and if I’m not mistaken, it is one of the famous in terms of ERP. If you have to differentiate SAP over Dynamics AX (or as a whole MS Dynamics), what would be the advantage of one over another in different aspects like development, integration, implementation, as well in career?



My company left SAP R3 for AX 2009 since 2008, I would say SAP is good for large companies but doesn’t fit to middle-sized and small companies.

In terms of integration and implemantation, SAP is really heavy. and rustic, works on HP UX for me with text administration console for the database. An advantage, SAP is very stable and in my case had a better SGBD (Oracle 10) than SQL Server 2005 with AX. An other advantage, the financial and accounting module is better in SAP, a lot of things are automated,

My personnal point of view about development : there’s no possible comparison, SAP is a frozen environnment, extremely complicated even if you want to do small visual customization as change labels in forms. AX is very flexible,has a simple and efficient development interface, the X++ language is easy to learn ( most like C# and java) once you have a small development experience and if you have skilled developpers, you can do just about what you want.

In summary, AX is more flexible and you can customize yourself your environment and adapt the processes to your company activity. you can do much more by yourself than in SAP which oblige to deal with external services providers but is more stable and efficient on a few processes. the cost aspect depends on your retailor but SAP is expensive, much more than AX.

About careers, I’m located in the country-sided France, so it’s complicated but in large cities like Paris, for example, there’s a lot of AX opportunities

You can mail me if you have precise questions



Thanks Sir Tomas. I’m really curious what’s the difference of the two since both technology are emerging in ERP development. From you’re explanation, I got what I need and somehow it made me an impression on what to expect with these ERP technologies especially with AX.