AX Startup error


I have installed two different AOS on my Server(windows server 2003) OS. I am successfully able to run the first instance of AOS.

But when I am configuring the client with the other AOS instance “AXDB02”, it gives me an error as below:

"The Dynamics AX Object Server 5.0$02-AXDB02 service terminated with service-specific error 10 (0xA)."

I have troubleshoot from the Services window, the first instance “AXDB01” shows me the service is started but I am not able to start the second instance “AXDB02” by click on “Start” even i can see the second instance in Services list. I have attached a screenshot image for this.

I have a server with multiple AOS instances installed but every client is installed on Windows XP(Operating System) does not have AOS installed. (I have separate SQL Server Database(i.e. AXDB02) and separate application folder for second AOS instance)

Please help me out of this problem.

Thanks in advance.