AX services - read labels for DeveloperDocumentation property

I am trying to read the label for the DeveloperDocumentation property of a table from the AX web services.

As an example, in my AX environment the Address table has DeveloperDocumentation field set to a label with ID @SYS125025 (the AX client shows this in the AOT table properties). I can easily read the value of this label from the default metadata service.

What I have not been able to discover, is where to find out which label is being used for a table - it isn’t shown in the table’s metadata.

I would like to do this using the default web services - manually opening the AOT to find a table’s label is not really an option. I can do this easily via the .NET business connector, but I have heard that this isn’t not a good idea, as it is being discontinued …

So the problem is that DeveloperDocumentation property isn’t exposed through TableMatadata class, correct? Unfortunately I don’t believe you can’t extend TableMatadata, so you won’t be able to get it from the metadata service.

But there is no need to give up web services and start thinking about Business Connector or so. Create a custom service for that, it’s really easy.

Yes, that is the problem.

Is there no less invasive way of doing this? I can’t modify anything on the AX instance.

may be this will help you

Not really. You can ask Microsoft to extend MetadataService. Or you’ll probably have to resort to Business Connector. If your application can’t create direct user connections to AX through Business Connector, create a web service that will run inside the network with AX and will communicate with AX through Business Connector, while your application will consume the web service as usual. A lot of work for a single and minor property, though.

you can use getLabelName method of metadata service, this will give you the list of all the labels now you can find your label using below link with loop

Kunal, it’s nice that you find my blog useful, but you’re still answering a question that nobody asked. He/she already knows how to work with labels (“I can easily read the value of this label from the default metadata service”), the question is how to read DeveloperDocumentation.

ohk in that case martin is correct with custom service development, sorry to drive you in wrong direction

I see… As you say, it’s a lot of work for a single property, and probably not worth while. Thanks for the help.