AX security 2012- Role setup

I created a duplicate role of this accounts payable manager from the standard role- see below.

how can I restrict the access just for this role without affecting the other roles that also have this access to create or modify vendors.

I found the duty and the privileges that I need to restrict access on but if I restrict them it will affect the other roles that have these same rights in AX. I only want to restrict the AP manager role.

how do I make this change?

You need to duplicate the role/duty/privilege to not effect the default one.

Thank you I duplicated the duty and privielege and renamed them both as well…does this mean anytime something is done to the duty/priv each one needs to be duplicated so it does not affect standard one?

Yes, once the existing duty/priv is duplicated and only the newly duplicated ones are modified, the original ones are not impacted.

You need to make duplicate of the object, in order to not effect standard roles below cases

  1. Modifying the duty, i.e need to add/remove privileges to the duty
  2. modifying the Privileges, i.e need to add/remove permissions to the Privilege
    If you don’t want to modify the Role/Duty/Privilige, no need to make duplicate. you can use the standard one