AX Retail questions!

I’m working with the latest (2nd release) of AX Retail and am running into a couple of discrepancies which I assume are missed updates in the manual. Hopefully one of you can help me out here.

In the training manual (pg 75) it says on a price group to go to the Retail Tab. There is no Retail Tab here…(see screenshot below)1220.pic1.jpg


On a promotion, it says to go to the Price/Discount tab and select a price group. There is no drop-down box for price group at the header or line (screenshot below).
This leads me to my question. How do I set up promotions, discount offer, etc. for a select group of customers? I can’t imagine that they would do away with this functionality as it is a basic retail requirement.

With AX Retail, we go to a matrix.