AX Retail POS

Hi Forum,

I have installed POS and Retail headquarters. am trying to connect to Store server from POS register i.e. Online POS. while trying to open the POS client the following error is coming.

“Unable to start the application. The Application will shutdown”

Pls let me know how to overcome the above error.

Thanks in advance


I’m experiencing the same problem. A possible work-around is running the application as administrator. This is of course not a long term solution.

Hello again

I solved the problem. It seems there’s a log-file located here (Windows 7-environment):

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Retail POS\Logs

For me, it said that access to the database could not be granted.

I had tried to follow the installation guide to the letter, but it suggests creating a SQL-server login with the same name as the POS-user group.

After creating this login using Windows authentication instead, (applying the db_datawriter, db_datareader to the respective databases and dbo-schema), the user was allowed login.


This is maria. I’m new to Ax POS.

I want to do some modification in the receipt, that need to move the barcode from x page to y page. How can i proceed.

If i get detail explanation that helps me lot.

Thanks in advance.