Ax Retail Installation

I need in help installing Ax Retail. Ax reatil requires AX 2009 SP1 on RU4 version. how can i make sure that the version i am using is the right version for the AX Retail. knowing that my current version right now is : 1000.52 kernel 593.1287.


What i need is a step by step how to install AX retail on AX 2009?

Surely this is provided as part of the software? If not I would suggest you request it from the provider of the software because if they do not have one, then no one will!!

Documents for Axapata for Retail does note provide enough information about how to sync between stores and HQ. All of the installation was successful except this part is to sync store DB.

Hi Gilbert,




@ Anand - If you have a depth of Retail experience why not simply answer the question and tell the user how to synchronise stores with HQ. [:D]

@ Gilbert - I have no experience, but if you are seriously telling me that in all of the documentation that comes with the retail MDIS that there is no mention of the store synchronisation then there is a serious hole in the documentation as this is clearly one of the fundamental requirements of any retail software.

Here is one of the issues solved. AX POS demonstration mode has a password 456 however in the documentation it was said there is no password and the password is blank.

You are correct the documentation does not conver the synchrnisation area proper. Its providing some vague info.

If we are going through documentation then there are many things which is not there in the product