AX Report error with Sum field


I have a programmable section to calculate the sum of a field on my report. When I compile my report, I recieve the following error:

“The control does not point at a control computing a sum.”

I am not sure why that is but I have specified the correct DataFieldName property.

Any idea why I am recieving that error?



How did you do it…

First thing for the control which you want to do the sum,

For the control property – make the Autodeclaratio to Yes and SumAll property to Yes.

and For the Sum Control give the DataFieldName as the Control name[for the contol which you making the sum).

Naresh Kolli

Thank you!

I missed the “Sum All” property. Interesting thing is that I copied the control that was summed from another report and it did not copy that property value.

However, the control to be summed does not need to have the AutoDeclaration set to Yes.


It is not working in my case