Ax logon in Visual Studio by using .Net Bunicess Connector

Hi Everybody,

Iam trying to log on to AX 2012 by adding .dll reference into AX.

I wrote a code to insert a single record into Table

Code is…

using (Axapta objAx = new Axapta())
string aosConnString = string.Format("{0}@{1}:{2}", “DAX_AOS_2012”, “AX2012”, “2713”);

objAx.LogonAs(“bcproxy”, “teamserver”,
new NetworkCredential(“bcporxy”, “Memory@123”, “teamserver”),
“dat”, “”, aosConnString, “”);

var header = objAx.CreateAxaptaRecord(“Table2”);
header.set_Field(“SID”, “San10”);


Please suggest me where i went wrong…I updated the dll using GACUTIL and added its reference and tried to executing the code…But it doesn’t work.

please help me in resolving this

Dear Vinay,

I am also facing same issue.

Hi Vinay,

Code seems fine, is logon successful? could you please provide error message what you are getting.


Hi Yatnal,

Iam not getting any error in this case…At the same time code below the Logon is not working